I have thoroughly enjoyed with these talented athletes over the last few years and am thankful to them for sharing their experience of training with my guidance:

“I first took Christian on as a coach in the Fall of 2015 looking to improve my endurance and speed in the marathon distance and ultramarathons. Prior to Christian’s coaching, my marathon PR was 3:09 and my 50k times hovered just under 5 hours. Over the course of 2 ½ years of workouts designed by Christian, I have a sub-3 marathon under my belt (2:56) and a 50k PR of 4:16. Plus, he coached me to my first 100-mile finish at Rocky Raccoon, 2018 in 20:41. Christian takes the time to design each workout based on current fitness level and he continuously pushes his athletes to become stronger, faster, and smarter. With his ultra experience, he is a great resource to gain knowledge on pacing and nutrition/hydration strategies as well. Simply said, with workouts designed by Christian and your 100% effort, you will very quickly see improvement in your running goals!”
Tracy McKinnon, Columbia, SC

Christian’s coaching brought my running/racing to a higher level regarding both fitness and race results.  His plans are taylor crafted based on initial abilities and preferred cross training activities and are also extremely easy to understand.  The workouts were always a challenge but elegantly designed to have perfectly timed (and much appreciated) rest and recovery days.  Christian is accessible for explanations on the purposes/goals of his workouts, to offer advice on setting realistic expectations, and is fantastic at readjusting the plan if needed due to injury or changes in circumstances that may pop up throughout the training period.  As a serious distance runner himself, Christian understands, as much as anyone else is able, the competitive drive in ultra runners beyond simply “the doing of the thing” that pushes us away from being comfortable and into the workhouse required to compete successfully at a sport that even those of us who do it do not fully understand why.
Ben Stewart, Mountains of NC

“Highly recommended coaching, fast replies, user friendly plans, expert advice from an experienced runner throughout all distances up to ultras. He trains himself how he preaches. Although we never got to meet in person due to distance Christian became a close running buddy in all the ups and downs that this sport has to offer. Thanks!”
Dr. Meike Kuester, Germany